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The Kusarigama is a weapon with high potential, and the ideal weapon for players who want to use ninjustu skills since it scales with Dexterity. It's easy to aim for breaks with this weapon due to its range. However the Kusarigama does take time to get used to, since the way it handles changes greatly with each stance Ranking The 10 Best Nioh 2 Weapon Combos 10 Dual Katana Swords and Katana Sword. Dual Katana swords and a Katana sword might seem like a nonsensical combo, but... 9 Spear and Odachi. Both the Spear and Odachi rely on the Strength stat to increase their damage. Strength is primary... 8 Kusarigama and. Namely, the Tonfas are the most capable weapon for closing the distance between the player and the enemy, as well as their connected attribute being Courage

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The Katana sword is a rock-solid basic weapon and an exemplary choice for your starting weapon in Nioh 2 whether you're new to the series or not. Katanas have access to decent combos in all three.. N8TEMPLAR 1 year ago #2. I would assume the Switchglaive will be heavily biased as the most popular starter merely for the fact its one of the two new weapons and scales off magic which is also a big deal. So many Nioh 1 players are probably using the glaive. User Info: darkestmerc Hatchets and Switchglaive are two new weapons in Nioh 2. Hatchets are a dual Axe and Switchglaive is a massive weapon giving you a lot of range to attack down the enemy. A combination of Switchglaive + Kusarigama or Sword can give you a lot of power to deal with monsters Tonfa are the most fun in my opinion. Used them the whole time playing nioh 1 and ill probably keep using them in 2

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Tonfa is a blast because the animations look cool and draining Ki is fun. My ranking for the weapons I've tried would be something like SG, Tonfa, Spear, Axe, Odachi, Sword, Hatchets, Dual Sword. I mained Kusarigama in Nioh 1 but haven't felt it yet. I'm sure it'd rank somewhere between Tonfa and Sword though, judging from how it was in N1 Haze + Backwave is the best overall parry in the game, Sword Ki is surprisingly nice as an AoE Ki killer, and sword mobility is great. Wonderful weapon. Tonfa: Fun. Just the funnest weapon in the game. When you get it down, you'll be attacking in a single chain for the entire fight, dodge-cancelling in the middle, slamming powerful finishers and smashing the ki out of everything constantly. Just so much fun ^_ Nioh 2. TONFA is the BEST Noob starter weapon BY FAR !! User Info: soulseeker_ps3. soulseeker_ps3 1 year ago #1. If you want an easier time through this game, especially the early 2 regions, get.. Explanation: With the best poke in the game, the Spear is a safe weapon that offers a huge advantage over most enemies. Using it you can keep enemies at bay, controlling the positioning of the. The Switchglaive is the other new weapon type in Nioh 2, and they are one of the most versatile weapons in the game. Their gimmick is that each stance transforms the weapon. In Low Stance, they..

Odachi only. No need other weapon. I don't care if it is over or underpowered (but I guess it is underpowered compared to fast, high dps weapon types in game) - it is just most fun weapon to play for me. Odachi all day all night The Odachi is definitely a weapon that can be made effective by almost any player. With no weird mechanics or lopsided stats, Odachi's are the weapon of choice for those that like options. It.. Swords are the most versatile melee weapons in the game, having access to the most active skills of every weapon and nearly every tool you can have in a melee weapon, from area of effect attacks (Sword Ki and Severing Sword), long range attacks/ offense starters (Tiger Sprint and True and Through), high Ki damage attacks (Sword Ki, Kick and Shadow Sword), and evasive attacks with invincibility/ armor (Swallow Sword II, Swift Step and Flowing Shadow) The Axe is a good weapon of choice if you're building a Nioh 2 tank character. The Giant Axes and Hammers scale damage with stamina rather than strength. This means that you should team it with another large weapon such as the Odachi. You'll want to focus on a Stamina build here that will increase your health as well

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  1. This weapon is by far one of the most interesting as it is ultimately just a blade and bludgeon chained together. This makes the kusarigama perfect for crowd control when surrounded by several enemies. This may not be most player's main weapon, but it may be a good secondary weapon to keep around. Choosing the Switchglaive in Nioh 2
  2. In this video I'll be explaining best weapon type in nioh 2 and why you should pick it up in the begining of the game and continue to use this weapon! I beli..
  3. This weapon has an average break and block which pairs well with Spears because of their secondary Constitution scaling. Trust us you'll need the health for Nioh 2. Best Tonfa In-Game: Double-headed Snake Tonfa; Twin Dragon Tonfa: Imbues fire element on your enemies quickly with rapid strikes; Yin-Yang Tonfa: Deals extra water damage Dual Hatchet
  4. The new Fist weapon type is so much fun to use and quite strong too! Be sure to like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video! #nioh #nioh2
  5. Most weapons in Nioh 2 drop randomly, so the starting weapon type may change subtly or even better, I just never saw it. Again, these suggestions for finding content are based on the first time you play the game, rather than maximizing the memes
  6. Im glad they didnt go with Tonfa but different route and actually gave it a sick moveset, tbf they have been really good with all the DLC weapons starting from Nioh 1 but this is KT after all so you never know. Loving those axe kicks and jumping kicks. For Nioh 3 I want them to go the extra step and actually give us NPC movesets

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  1. Nioh 2 features a variety of weapons, but which is the best among them is a serious debate. As you know Nioh 2 features a game where a warrior in on a journey to hunt down supernatural creatures, this includes monsters, dead kings, Sumos. etc. So picking the right weapon from the start along with a guardian spirit will give you little advantage. Later you level up and upgrade your weapons.
  2. a and Strength. Medium armor requires Constitution and Strength
  3. Related: Nioh 2: The Tengu's Disciple DLC Review - More Fun With Little Extra. Nioh 2 takes place in a fantasy feudal Japan, starting the year 1555 during the Sengoku era. Malevolent Yokai is at large and plagues the land like a wildfire that hungers and nothing more. Meeting a variety of individuals, the half Yokai shiftling Hide joins a team on a journey across Japan to hunt down Yokai and.
  4. Nioh 2 weapon stat scaling. While this matters less at endgame (due to the remodelling system letting you alter stat scaling), you need to choose wisely in order to actually reach that milestone. Immediately you can see that some stats are useful for multiple different weapons. Skill, for example, is the main stat for both dual swords and hatchets, while also being the secondary for swords.
  5. RELATED: Ranking The 10 Best Nioh 2 Weapon Combos. This Dark Souls-like game has surpassed our expectations, in part because of its dynamic boss fights. This is Nioh 2's bosses ranked from easiest to most difficult. 10 Tatarimokke. This owl is challenging because it requires you to multitask during the battle. You'll have to slash red orbs to cleanse Dark Realms as a giant bird attacks you.
  6. The Splitstaff Is One Of The Most Complex But Fun Weapons In Nioh 2. Gameplay-wise, Nioh 2 remains unchained. The additions that the Tengu's Disciple adds comes in the form of new skills to.
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The kusarigama is by far the most peculiar weapon in the game. A bludgeon and a sickle chained together, it is fantastic for crowd control when fighting big groups of enemies. In high stance you.. One could be forgiven for thinking that Hatchets are a ranged Nioh 2 weapon. Its skill tree is chock full of skills that involve throwing the hatchets in some way. In actual combat, they work well in blocking and breaking enemy blocks but it's the throwing that makes them truly unique. Hatchets work fine in melee and can easily stretch out to strike targets further away. It's also really helpful in luring enemies away from a pack without using valuable ammo to do it

Body or Heart are the Best Starting Stats. Body and Heart are stats required no matter which weapon type you will be using later on. Body will increase HP, and Heart will increase Ki capacity, so the best starting weapon would be either Sword or Spear A slow, strong weapon like the Odachi, Axe, or Spear might be good to have as a secondary to balance out the quickness of the Fists. Or, again, you can just double down on your quickness and equip.. Nioh 2 brings back that fun combat system from the original game, and adds even more to its foundation. Here's how the Yokai weapons and Sentience system works in [] Here's how the Yokai. Even on dex builds my favourite weapons are the Curved Greatswords which are just strength weapons for dex builds. Also, nothing feels quite as good as hitting someone or something with a strength weapon. Nioh is one of the Soulslikes (outside of From) that gets the impact of a big weapon right. Slamming dudes into the dirt with an Odachi is a power trip, similar to the impact of crunching someone under a Kirkhammer. And for all of the fancy moves and combos of the lighter weapons.

In many cases, Nioh 2's foes need to be as smart and relentless as they are simply to give the player a reason to utilize all their options. Each of Nioh 2's nine weapons has three stances. In Nioh 2, during your first and second playthrough ( Dream of the Samurai/ Strong) You will need to stick to the main stat of the weapon you have picked (Sword - Heart, Dual Sword - Skill, Odachi/Fist - Strenght, Tonfa - Courage) This is to get the highest DPS as possible Use Ki Pulse to regain stamina. With a Ki Pulse, you can effectively regain a bit of the Ki (stamina) that you've just used — and that means you can keep attacking or reserve a bit of stamina. That should be everything you need to know about how to upgrade weapons and armor in Nioh 2. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out Twinfinite's extensive guide wiki page Despite the unique design and rarely see in Video Games, the Kusarigama is originally one of the five main weapons of Nioh, prior to DLC weapons like Tonfa & Odachi. Kusarigama right off the bat scale directly with Dexterity, making it's the perfect choice if you want to try out all those comical Ninjutsu skills in Nioh 2. Kusarigama Pros and Con

You need to acquire one of the two available mystic arts for all 9 weapons in the game as well as Ninjutsu and Onmyo Magic. Press and then go to ''Learn Skills''. Select a weapon/ninjutsu/magic and find the skills marked with a red circle, as soon as you purchase one of the two mystic arts the trophy will unlock. However to be able to acquire these skills you first need to acquire 120.000 proficiency with each weapon, 200.000 with ninjutsu, 250.000 with onmyo magic and complete. Nioh 2 adds new special types of weapons for players to craft that can deal some crazy damage and have special properties. This Nioh 2 Blessed and Yokai Weapons guide will go over these new. Plus, combat in Nioh 2 is just effortlessly cool - no matter what weapon you choose, or how good you are at stringing together combos. I alternate between a flurry of swings and slashes with the kusarigama, then switch it out for the enormous odachi, a sharp blade with the reach of an elephant's trunk and the impact of a double-decker bus. Two weapons from the DLC are given to you right off the bat, as well: Fists and the Splitstaff. They'll appear throughout your playthrough, whether or not.

Nioh 2 is an action-adventure role-playing game in which you can customize and create your own character. Lately, the communities are spending most of their time creating their perfect Nioh 2 character for the run. The game even allows your creation to be shared among Nioh 2 players. Let alone these characters look alike some famous anime character to the previously released game protagonist. Nioh had its version of an ultimate state where you would use your Guardian Spirit as an enhancement to your weapon. Nioh 2 is taking this a step further, by actually merging you and your spirit. With similar benefits to those of Living Weapon, each spirit now has a special attack and each type of spirit provides a special bonus: Yokai Shift: Brute. In Brute form, you cannot be staggered. Nioh 2 is an incredibly punishing game where even the lowliest enemy can kill you in mere moments. Through perseverance, precise combat, and careful preparation, you can emerge from a world filled with duplicitous demons and humans. If you love systems and mechanics, your cup is overflowing here as you master elements like guard-breaking to ninja items. But be warned, this teacher is not a kind or cuddly sensei. Nioh 2 can break your spirit through constant, grueling punishments that push. Thankfully, the two new weapon types, Swicthglaive and Hatchets were a lot of fun and brought much needed variety to the experience. That said, I decided to main the Switchglaive as it's the first weapon to scale with your magic, but Omnyo Magic as it's called here isn't all that strong which is strange given that there's a dedicated weapon for it now With most games I have enjoyed, I have had no problem taking breaks and doing other activities, but all I ever wanted to do since picking up Nioh 2 was play Nioh 2. For a game with this much customization and depth to have all of its parts work so seamlessly together is a feat worthy of the highest praise. The only thing holding Nioh 2 back is the mediocre soundtrack and thin veneer of a story.

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Most of the levels in Nioh 2 look at least decent and some have a good amount of alternate paths, shortcuts and verticality. There's still a fair amount of boring caves but they have at least tried to make them a bit interesting looking. Most of the main missions are nice. west. Member. Oct 28, 2017 124. Mar 4, 2021 #7,014 Dance Inferno said: I really enjoy the combat in this game but man. Weapon stances return as the biggest mechanic this game offers, giving each of the six weapon classes three different movesets and even further customisation the further into the skill trees you get. There's an impressive amount of variety on display in the gameplay. If you have neither played the original Nioh, or if you have already forgotten or repressed your traumas, then Nioh 2 will be. Nioh 2 adds new weapons, including hatchets and switchglaives, as well as new skills. The new game adds Yōkai skills, which refresh the playstyle and transform fighting mechanics. After slaying hostile Yōkai, there is a chance they will drop a Soul Core, while can be used to unlock new skills. They can even be used to even transform into a yokai when submitted to a shrine. Continue scrolling.

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Switchglaive and Hatchets were the new weapons in base Nioh 2. >> Anonymous 04/09/21(Fri)10:31:11 No. 551296769. Anonymous 04/09/21(Fri)10:31:11 No. 551296769 >>551280374 DLC >> Anonymous 04/09/21(Fri)10:34:04 No. 551297041. Anonymous 04/09/21(Fri)10:34:04 No. 551297041 >>551294686 Yeah I knew you couldn't temper Cool, cheers. I'll just use this base until i find the perfect one >> Anonymous. Nioh 2 still feels much the same as the first Nioh did, with several weapon types allowing a diverse and eclectic range of moves to utilize while fighting monsters and bandits For the most part, Nioh 2 closely follows the formula set up by the original Nioh. This is a Soulsborne -style game where you manage a stamina meter (known as ki) while you dodge and block enemy.

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The environments were well detailed, the weapons looked awesome, and the gameplay was downright fun and deadly. Check out Nioh 2's massive special edition package and preorder it now Nioh 2 will. In Nioh 2, like in Australia, absolutely anything that moves can kill you. Though some enemies have more limited capabilities, even the most basic ones can kill you with only a few hits. Having never played any of these ultra-punishing third-person action games before, it took me quite some time to shake old habits. I skipped all but the most basic tutorials and jumped right in. The very first.

Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition brings all of the new missions, weapons, magic, and ninjutsu skills that were added post-launch from the PlayStation 4 version and brings it to PC on Steam Nioh 2 offers plenty of bosses, most plucked from the grottier tracts of Japanese folklore and all endowed with the ability to shift the proceedings into the yokai or spirit realm, where their. Farm this Nioh 2 mission if you want to hit the level cap. I've been patiently waiting for the Nioh 2 community to rally around a go-to farming strategy, and while there isn't a consensus yet. Nioh 2, much like Nioh, tries to fuse the From Software formula with the punishing structure of Ninja Gaiden. It successfully does that, but the result, to me, feels more like a chore than fun Nioh 2's combat will be similar to Nioh's, but with some key new features. The most obvious changes come from playing as a yokai character. You'll be able to transform into your yoki form and use.

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Nioh 2: Complete Edition umfasst sämtliche Inhalte von Nioh 2 sowie darüber hinaus alle drei DLC-Erweiterungen: The Tengu's Disciple, Darkness in the Capital und The First Samurai. Systemvoraussetzungen. Minimum Betriebssystem: Windows 8.1 / 10, 64-bit Prozessor: Intel Core i5 4460 Arbeitsspeicher: 6 GB RAM Grafikkarte: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, 4 GB VRAM DirectX: 11 Breitband. If you're a Nioh 2 superfan, one of the most enticing additions for you will no doubt be the Dream of the Demon difficulty, which essentially serves as Nioh 2's New Game++. As you'd imagine, Dream of the Demon raises the level of all enemies, along with the gear that they drop, but it also remixes enemy locations, and introduces incredibly tough red enemies that are much stronger than. Yokai Weapons are imbued with corruption which allows them to deal more ki damage. They can also build up corruption status effects. Enemies that are affected by these affected receive higher Ki and Yoaki Force damage. Nioh 2 Yokai Weapons. When you hit enemies with Yokai weapons your Sentience Gauge will fill up. When it is filled to the max you will achieve the Awakened State. In this state, weapon powers are enhanced Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition includes the base game plus the three DLC expansions. There are also some tweaks such as all weapons being available from the very beginning, 4K and ultra widescreen support, and more. Battle hordes of yokai in this masocore Action RPG. Create your protagonist and embark on an adventure through a myriad of locales across Japan during the Sengoku period. Utilize the new Yokai Shift ability to defeat even the most ferocious yokai and be prepared to brave through.

The new weapon introduced in this DLC is called the fists. In order to acquire the mystic art you must first use the weapon and acquire 120,000 proficiency points. The more damage you deal to enemies the more points you gain so playing on either ''Dream of the Strong'' or ''Dream of the Demon'' will speed up the process. You can go to the blacksmith and forge one whenever you want. You can also obtain various types of the fists as enemy drops, loot from corspes and mission rewards The story depicted in NiOh 2 shows the events that took place before the story presented in the first installment. Once again, you're going to return to an alternative version of Japan from the Sengoku period (XV-XVI century). Apart from wars, this country is also plagued by yokai, that is, demons and monsters deriving from the local mythology Now, there are actually some hard and fast rules for us to impart to you about Nioh 2 weapon scaling which we reckon will make everything easier, and the most important one is probably this: each weapon in the game scales off three different player stats. This scaling gives them damage boosts, so you're going to want to tweak your stat investment if you're wanting to use a particular weapon to.

Nioh 2: The Complete Edition also comes with every expansion. Most of this content is only accessible once you've actually beaten the game, which is a bit of a bummer. But at least you get access to two new weapons straight away: the Fists and Splitstaff. The former's all crunchy kicks and jabs, while the latter features lots of crazy twirls and spins. I'm a big fan of both Borrowing one of the best elements from Castlevania: Aria/Dawn of Sorrow, along with the more recent Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, enemies in Nioh 2 have a chance of dropping a Soul Core. The one-eyed one-armed Samurai Slasher is a surprisingly good fit for Nioh 2. While you can't be one-armed in Nioh 2, you can wear an eyepatch, have pink hair and have roughly the right markings. Better yet, most of her secret weapons can be found in Nioh 2's expansive arsenal. There isn't anything to really match her outfit, but hey, the modding community has made its first tools already. 2. Danny Trej

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Add fire to your weapon during the fight to take down the boss much more quickly. Many of these seemingly insurmountable fights will be much easier if you find out how to counter properly. 3 The dev promises new storylines, new yokai, a bunch of formidable new bosses, Guardian Spirits, new skills, fresh new armour and perhaps most interestingly - a new weapon that alters the performance of skills outside of set stances Fighting the camera 24/7 and having to farm the same boring three weapon cheese revenants to actually TRY to get decent drops with a 2% chance to drop a divine, much less a divine you actually want a stat from is simply bullshit and you can see from the metric on achievements people just dropped the fuck out after the story ended, and with good reason. The endgame doubles down on grinding and dailies and offers nothing in return The big new draw is the addition of the Splitstaff, a new weapon type that scales primarily with Onmyo Magic, giving those who choose to specialize in Onmyo Magic a much needed secondary weapon type to accompany the Switchglaive. The Splitstaff is a tricky weapon to master, and early on, it actually didn't click very well with me. It relies very heavily on its active skills which are unlocked deep into the skill tree, and beyond that, it also has a unique quirk in that if you hold down the. When I finally defeated the snake monster, Nioh 2 suddenly became easier. I could read enemy attacks and counter them with hard hits. I settled into my favorite weapons (the hatchets and.

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I'll admit it: Saika Magoichi is probably my most hated boss in Nioh. This dude just loves to spam his rifle shots and mess with the camera. The fight is very dependent on RNG. In a best case scenario, Saika will fly without attacking, or even jump into the fire that's in the arena for easy fire damage. Worst case scenario, he spams his teleporting flying move and messes with the camera so much that you'll get grabbed and thrown for half of your health without you realizing it Additionally, a weapon called the 'Switchglaive' — which offers three different forms depending on how you use it — gets stronger as you increase your magical power level. Even though magic came easy in Nioh 2, there are other integral skills and abilities I needed to get through this role-playing game. Burst Counte The picture above is just the skills for one weapon: the Kusarigama. Nioh 2 has skill trees for each of its weapons along with skills to unlock for Ninja, Shiftling, Samurai, and Onmyo Magic The Darkness in the Capital DLC is packed with great content that not only expands the lore of the Nioh franchise but provides some excellent boss battles, level design, and easily the best weapon in the entire franchise. It's also pretty great to fight an ancestor of one of gaming's most iconic characters as a fun easter egg Weapon handling is largely similar to the first Nioh, leading to less innovation than desired Death in only two or three hits, even in heavy armor Buy for $59.99 from Amazo

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Nioh 2 is a fantastic game, but it's hard as hell, and if you're new to the series it can be daunting. Here are a handful of very basic tips to help you out if you're a fresh-faced new player Nioh 2 tip: Use Onmyo and Ninjutsu abilities to get skill points. If you're a returning Nioh player, you're probably counting the seconds until you can unlock nodes on the Onmyo and Ninjutsu skill. Diese fünf Waffenkategorien gibt es in Nioh: Katanas: Das elegante japanische Langschwert ist die perfekte Waffe für Einsteiger . Ihr könnt damit sehr schnell hantieren und Hiebe sowie Stöße. I have to say, overall, I think Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition is shaping up to be an amazing release on PC. Graphically it looks great, the gameplay is fun, plus it includes all the DLC and extras from the PlayStation release. This gives you access to over 25 Main Missions, over 100 Sub Missions & Twilight Missions, over 100 types of Demon Parade Picture Scrolls, 108 Underworld floors, new.

Nioh 2 Review. Blood, sweat, and Yokai. Version Reviewed: PS4 Pro / European. As far as sequels go, Nioh 2 isn't the most revolutionary. Developer Team Ninja has built and iterated upon the strong. Nioh 2 expands on the skill system of the original, adding a large tree of passive bonuses and special techniques for each weapon type. You can boost your defense with tanky bonuses, increase your. Nioh 2 admirably attempts to cover a large chunk of Japanese history, beginning in 1555 and ending (for the most part) in 1598. But to do so, the game veers toward broad depictions of historical figures and events, and it assumes that players are familiar enough with Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi to fill in the missing context and motivation for what's shown, like the raid on Inabayama. With Nioh 2's base-game story ending, it was open-ended enough to go into the past or future.However, the narrative took Hiddy (you, the protagonist) back in time more and more for each release. Nioh 2 is absolutely brutal and had me legitimately pulling my hair and barking obscenities at the Yokai on my TV. As a massive fan of the genre, that's exactly what I want out of this type of game

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Nioh 2 follows the same philosophy as its predecessor: survey the area and defeat enemies to get better gear so you stand a better chance at whatever big bad is awaiting you at the end. Gear and weapons still show up cosmetically on your character, giving you a new look for every occasion. After searching around in my demo, I find the dual hatchets, a new weapon in the game, and they quickly. Nioh 2 is finally on PC in glorious 60+ FPS. Was it worth the wait? We think so. With every system from the original improved upon, Nioh 2 is the perfect game for a souls-like fan who loves.

Nioh 2 is a puzzle game that looks like an action adventure, but the complexity of the systems sometimes keeps it from being truly great. That said, this is a hell of a way to teach yourself. Nioh 2 has been out on PlayStation 4 since March of last year, but this February marks its debut on our PC gaming rigs. Despite being a numbered successor, Nioh 2 is actually a prequel, set.

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